Sunday , 15 July 2018


Lee Mays is a comedian like no other.


Ostracized from various local comedy "cliques" for his mockery of their politics, snobbery, and pandering, Lee has amassed a cult following through his sardonic, insulting, and vicious attacks online and onstage of celebrities, pop culture, religion, and whatever else has gotten on his nerves that minute.


Cutting his teeth by watching the comedy of Eddie Murphy, Sam Kinison, and the old HBO show "Def Comedy Jam", Lee's fearless style has earned him the respect of his peers and the disdain of those who like to call themselves "comedians" but just can't match his rapid-fire wit.


Often compared to Doug Stanhope, Anthony Jeselnik, Daniel Tosh, and Dave Attell, Lee has blazed his own trail in the comedy world without relying on comedy clubs or the schmoozing of bush league comedy producers. Lee is also an in-demand comedy writer who contributes to various online comedy websites as well as writing for nationally touring comedians and has been a guest on many podcasts.


Love him or hate him, Lee will make you laugh uncontrollably and uncomfortably.

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